Dust Suppression Jackhammer

The Enviroboot EB-1, by Environmental Safety Solutions, LLC., is an award winning* dust suppression device adaptable to fit most major makes and models of electric and pneumatic demolition hammers, eliminating up to 95% of all airborne particulate that would normally enter the atmosphere through such work. Fastening the Enviroboot to your demolition hammer is quick and easy, requiring the user to simply slide it on to the base of the hammer, around the chisel, and fastening the boot tightly around the base with the supplied clamp. Following, the user attaches a HEPA-filtered vacuum into the Enviroboot’s vacuum port using a 2″ hose. In mere seconds, your equipment will be ready for dust-suppressed demolition! PLEASE NOTE: An EB-1 Bosch Brute Adapter (sold separately) is required for use with a Bosch Brute Jackhammer. Dust-suppressed demolition provides a safer, cleaner, and healthier work environment, in that harmful airborne particulates are captured at the source, preventing them from entering the lungs of workers and bystanders. Furthermore, by dramatically reducing clean-up and preparation time, the Enviroboot may provide a return on investment after its first use. The USA is constantly moving towards a “greener” future, and products like the Enviroboot are attracting the attention of major government agencies such as OSHA, the EPA, and the DEP. Although dust-suppression is not yet mandatory nation-wide, this is an opportunity to be proactive and future-proof your business, making safety and health in the workplace a top priority relating to demolition and dust suppression. The Environmental Safety Solutions Enviroboot – Giving Pollution the Boot! *The Enviroboot, winner of the 2006 EPA Clean Air Excellence Award

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