Eighty Four PA Foundation Reconstruction

AquaGuard was contacted by the owner of this home in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania to evaluate significant structural deficiencies to the attached garage as well as the narrow passageway that connected the garage to the main house. Damage to the foundation included, a partially collapsed left foundation wall, significant bowing to the rear and right foundation walls of the garage, as well as the rear wall of the narrow passageway. This series of pictures captures the extensive damage to the foundation, as well as the repair procedures, which included complete reconstruction of the left foundation wall of the garage, the repairs to the rear and right foundation walls of the garage, that included excavation, reinforcement and returning the rear and right foundation walls of the garage to plumb. Note that the rear wall of the narrow passageway connecting the detached garage to the home was replaced. The newly constructed foundation walls, as well as the rear and right foundation walls of the garage that were repaired, are significantly stronger because they have been reinforced by a process we refer to as grouting and rodding. This refers to strengthening the foundation walls by installing rebar and concrete the entire height of the vertical cavity of the foundation walls every 4′ on center. This dramatically increases the lateral strength of the foundation walls. Also included in the repair process, but not shown in these pictures, was the application of a permanent waterproofing system to the below grade portions of the foundation walls as well as a complete exterior drainage system.

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