Elevated Concrete Slab Replacement

AquaGuard was contacted by the owner of this West Mifflin home to evaluate the structural integrity of the elevated concrete slab of the attached garage on the left side of the home. The inspection revealed that the main steel support beams had significant deterioration due to rust. The deterioration of the main steel support beams was significant to the point that the homeowner could no longer park in the garage due to the fear of a complete collapse of the garage slab into the basement space below. The inspection also revealed significant inward displacement of the front foundation wall of the garage.

After a series of meetings with the homeowner, the proposed plan of action involved removing the existing concrete slab, installing three new main steel support beams along with metal decking and a new concrete slab for the garage. In addition it was determined that the front foundation wall would be completely replaced. The accompanying pictures provide a clear overview of the extent of the project as it progresses from demolition of the concrete pad to complete replacement of the front foundation wall, steel support beams and the concrete slab. The front foundation wall was replaced with a 10” concrete block that was reinforced by grouting and rodding every 4’ on center. (Grouting and rodding refers to installing steel rod and concrete vertically into the hollow cells of the block. This dramatically increases the lateral strength of the wall). The grouting and rodding significantly increases the lateral strength of the front foundation wall. Once the front foundation wall was completed, it was waterproofed with a permanent membrane and then covered with a fiberglass protection board. The membrane used in this case is covered with a 30 year transferrable warranty. A new 4” perforated french drain pipe was installed along the footer of the new foundation wall which then taps into an existing 1/3 hp automatic sump pump. The front foundation wall then received a full gravel backfill. The gravel helps to cushion the foundation as it does not contract and expand like the high clay content soil in the area and also allows any water to percolate through the gravel into the french drain which then removes it. The full gravel backfill was also necessary in this case because a section of the concrete driveway that was removed prior to the excavation will then be replaced and the full gravel backfill prevents any settlement of the new pad. Note: the new concrete pad is 6” thick to match the thickness of the original pad and is also reinforced with steel mesh. Two new main steel support beams can be seen in the pictures along with a secondary third beam towards the rear of the garage. All of the steel beams and the metal decking have been rust proofed and at the completion of the project AquaGuard will be installing a urethane coating for the concrete pad to prevent moisture brought in by vehicles from wicking through the concrete and damaging the new steel.

This project illustrates AquaGuard’s versatility in the basement waterproofing and foundation repair industry.

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